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Paper as a Social Object: “creating conversations, collecting scribbles, instigating adventures”

June 19th, 2009

I love it when paper and digital formats are both used for what they do best. Like the Incidental:
“The Incidental is [a] feedback loop made out of paper and human interactions – timebound, situated and circulating in a place.” [Schulz and Webb]

annotated incidental 4/25/09

annotated incidental 4/25/09

“Over in Milan at the Salone di Mobile they’ve created a thing called The Incidental. It’s like a guide to the event but it’s user generated and a new one is printed every day. When I say user generated, I mean that literally. People grab the current day’s copy and scribble on it. So they annotate the map with their personal notes and recommendations. Each day the team collect the scribbled on ones, scan them in and print an amalgamated version out again. You have to see it, to get it. But it’s great to see someone doing something exciting with ‘almost instant’ printing and for a real event and a real client too.

The actual paper is beautiful and very exciting. It has a fabulous energy that has successfully migrated from the making of the thing to the actual thing. Which is also brilliant and rare. [Ben Terrett as quoted by Schulz and Webb]

The Incidental was created at and for Milan’s furniture/design fair with funding by The British Council.

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