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Evidence Informatics

January 20th, 2015

I sent off my revised abstract to ECA Lisbon 2015, the European Conference on Argumentation. Evidence informatics, in 75 words:

Reasoning and decision-making are common throughout human activity. Increasingly, human reasoning is mediated by information technology, either to support collective action at a distance, or to support individual decision-making and sense-making.

We will describe the nascent field of “evidence informatics”, which considers how to structure reasoning and evidence. Comparing and contrasting evidence support tools in different disciplines will help determine reusable underlying principles, shared between fields such as legal informatics, evidence-based policy, and cognitive ergonomics.

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A Taxonomy for Decisions

November 4th, 2010

Tim van Gelder provides a taxonomy for decisions:

  1. Intuitive Decisions
  2. Technical Decisions
  3. Deliberative Decisions
  4. Bureaucratic Decisions

Deliberative and bureaucratic decisions are, I think, the most important for collaborative decision-making. Intuitive decisions, made quickly by an individual, are least important for collaboration. Technical decisions have the most interesting description: they are “made by following some well-defined technical procedure”; arguably they are not decisions.

Can you spot any overlaps or gaps? Discuss at his article.

The argumentation community has given a lot of attention to deliberation; I wonder if that has been influenced by the prevalence of deliberation in decision-making, and the difficulty of formal modelling of bureaucracies.

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