GetSatisfaction’s “feedback-as-you-type”

July 24th, 2011
by jodi

GetSatisfaction does so many things right. Smart, immediate feedback is one example.

A couple weeks ago, I noticed this message while adding a post:
“EASE UP ON THE ALL CAPS IN YOUR TITLE. It looks like you’re shouting”
Feedback from GetSatisfaction: STOP SHOUTING

This is great in several ways:

  1. It’s immediate.
  2. It makes a single, clear, personalized1 suggestion.
  3. It uses a familiar analogy (“shouting”) — helping to explain the perceived problem.
  4. It’s not enforced: this nudges the poster, but leaves them to make up their own mind.
  5. It hints at humor/puts the shoe on the other foot (by USING CAPS FOR THE START OF THE MESSAGE).
  6. It’s not overwhelming.

Like their mood feedback it’s lightweight and appears to be effective.

Figuring out appropriate ways of presenting people with the “right” feedback at the right time will be important for a lot of the work I’m doing!
  1. i.e. specific to the situation []

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